Freiheitsbrand 1989

November, 25 years ago: millions of people in Berlin and all around the world cheer at the fall of the Berlin Wall, the iconic symbol for the division of Germany. Asbach has marked this moment of historic significance with a fine vintage brandy.

Distilled in the year of the fall of the Wall, Asbach Freiheitsbrand aged for a quarter of a century in selected oak casks, and now its topaz-golden colour invites you to relive the joy of this historically significant moment.

Asbach Freiheitsbrand is now available worldwide in a limited number of bottles, packaged in a beautiful wooden case along with a tangible piece of history: an original fragment from the Berlin Wall.

  • Colour

    golden topaz

  • Nose

    subtle, elegant and spicy notes combined with notes of raisins and dried fruits; with a fine fruity and vinous note, light smoky hint of oak wood

  • Palate

    vinous and straight character; balanced fruity and spicy notes with a light leathery note and hints of cinnamon and vanilla; subtle affected by oak wood; enjoyable warming

  • Finish

    palatable finish with a very delightful and long lasting spiciness of fine wooden and spicy notes