A composition of Riesling Auslese and Original Asbach.

A&A Asbach And Auslese, Riesling-Likör

Asbach and Auslese Riesling Liqueur — a unique combination of fruity elegance and unmistakable taste.

German Riesling wines bearing the prestigious rating of “Auslese” [Selected] and the incomparable Asbach Uralt join one another in an exciting liaison. With seductive results — a fresh and fruity Riesling liqueur of golden hue, but only 19% vol.

Tasting notes

  • Colour

    golden tones

  • Nose

    a very restrained pleasant sweetness with equal notes of brandy and Riesling grapes

  • Palate

    a complex layered taste with notes of fresh and dried fruits, nuts and a hint of oak wood

  • Finish

    fine sweetness of raisins, a suggestion of march pane, a whiff of orange