Our own distillery

Asbach is the great German brand that even today operates its own brandy distillery. It is located in the home of Asbach, in Rüdesheim am Rhein.

The work does not stop with the selection of the right wines; the distillation process also has a decisive impact on the quality of Asbach. After all, there is more to the distillation process than simply separating water and alcohol; the objective is to transfer the delicate aromatic substances of the wine as completely as possible into the distillate.

The wines are carefully distilled on yeast in copper stills. The procedure involves a traditional process of two stages — raw spirit and fine spirit — that is both very time-consuming and highly labour-intensive.

The raw spirit has an alcohol content of about 40% volume and is the result of the first distillation stage. During the second distillation, one that is significantly more complex than the first, the aim is to obtain the actual fine spirit of about 75% volume, also known as the heart, that has the best characteristics for its later conversion into Asbach.

We have been masters of our trade since 1892