His philosophy: “I would like to create a wine distillate, made from the best grapes, that recognises German taste as well.”

HerrAsbachHugo Asbach undoubtedly carried the founder gene of his times. Born in Cologne, Germany, in 1868, he was led to France during the years of his training, where he learned the art of distilling wine. He returned to Germany in 1892 and founded his own company in Rüdesheim on the banks of the romantic Rhine River, beginning with two stills.

This laid the cornerstone for the unique history of the House of Asbach. After his death, his sons continued his work and soon began to think beyond the borders.

In keeping with the quality standards of Hugo Asbach, only the very highest quality of wine distillates is still used today.
Connoisseurs have been enjoying the results in more than 50 countries around the world for many years.

As far back as 1937, Asbach was a pioneer in propagating the slogan, “The spirit of wine is in Asbach.” Asbach was one of the first companies to use the still-new medium of television for its advertising.
Another slogan, “When so many good things happen, it is worth an Asbach Uralt,” became a familiar saying as well.