Whether in the Asbach Wine Distillery or during a romantic Rhine voyage aboard the MS Asbach — there is plenty to explore in our city of Rüdesheim.

Asbach Wine Distillery

The secret behind the high quality of the Asbach products lies in the unique production process that you can experience yourself in our distillery during the distilling campaign.

Asbach Wine Distillery
Ingelheimer Straße 4
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

telephone: +49 (0) 6722 – 497 345
Fax: +49 (0) 6722 – 497 386
email: info@asbach.de

Opening time
March 1st bis December 22th
Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm (exept on Holidays)
Please notify us in advance so that you can avoid waiting. Admission is free.

Open Tours 2019 (chargeable):
09.03., 23.03., 13.04., 20.04., 04.05., 18.05., 01.06., 06.07., 20.07., 03.08., 17.08., 07.09., 21.09., 05.10., 19.10., 02.11., 30.11., 07.12., 21.12.

The guided tours will take place at 10:00 each.

Tickets are available via: www.shop-ruedesheim.de

Experience the spirit of wine in the Asbach Shop and discover the diversity of the Asbach spirits during a tasting session under the guidance of professionals.

Would you be interested in a tour with a tasting session guided by professionals (service charges apply)?

Please contact:

Rüdesheim Tourist AG,
Rheinstraße 29a
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

telephone: +49 (0) 6722 – 90615-0
email: touristinfo@ruedesheim.de
Web: www.ruedesheim.de

Sailing the romantic Middle Rhine on the MS Asbach

A CRUISE on the romantic Middle Rhine with its magical castles and picturesque views, including the Lorelei Valley, is unforgettable.

The Cologne-Düsseldorf Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt AG has had a very special ship among its fleet since 2002: the MS Asbach.

The wonderful views from on board the ship will set the mood for your visit in Rüdesheim.

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Rüdesheim on the romantic rhine

The heart of Asbach beats at the place where the Rhine leaves its mark on the fascinating landscape: in Rüdesheim am Rhein. Vineyards, fortresses and castles, enchanting cities of half-timbered houses and a unique river and cultural landscape merge into the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”.

The romantic Drosselgasse in Rüdesheim offers cultural experiences second to none; and a delight that is known and coveted around the world:

that’s worth an Asbach.

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